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11 Jun

3 Delicious Street Foods to Try in Tanzania

Are you a foodie planning on sampling delicious Tanzania cuisine? Barbecue and kebab lovers alike will find a lot to love in this beautiful country! Even better, most street foods are cooked to order. Here are a few must-haves you can find while you’re out and about:


These meat skewers are a unique combination of the much-loved kebab and barbecue and are often cooked over open coals. Meats used are varied and can include mutton, beef, and even poultry such as chicken. These skewers pair beautifully with the widely popular chipsi mayai.

Nyama Choma

Nyama choma is another meat dish: in fact, the phrase “nyama choma” is Swahili for “grilled meat.” It is often cut and grilled in front of you and cooked to order, and is slow-cooked to imbue it with a mouthwatering, smoky flavor that is savory and unbeatable. This dish pairs exceptionally well with french fries or fried or grilled sweet bananas, and is, of course, the perfect accompaniment with a beer on a warm summer day.

Chipsi Mayai

This dish is a fast food favorite in Tanzania, and translates to “chips and eggs.” As the name implies, well, it’s french fries and eggs! Chipsi mayai is always cooked to order and often paired with ketchup (colloquially referred to as “tomato sauce”) and fresh vegetables. Chipsi mayai is a great side dish to grilled meats but can be enjoyed on its own as a delicious entree.

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