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02 May

3 Must-See Destinations During Your Trip to Sardinia

Sardinia is well-known all over for its gorgeous beaches, scenic coastal landscapes, and plenty of sheep roaming the countryside. Here are 3 must-see places in this heartwarming region of Italy:

Costa Smeralda

This coastline, named the “emerald coast” for its vibrant green waters, is home to luxuriant mega-yachts that house celebrities, politicians, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The Costa Smeralda stretches for dozens of miles, from the Golfo di Cugnana to the Golfo di Arzachena. Inland from the coastline, you will find quaint mountain communities like Arzachena and San Pantaleo that offer a refreshing contrast to the immense luxury of the coast’s floating mansions.


Alghero is one of Sardinia’s most gorgeous medieval cities and is now the main resort northwest. This town sees heavy tourist traffic, especially in the summer, where you can find as many as 3 or 4 times the amount of people usually dwelling there. This city offers an exciting blend of historic destinations and contemporary cuisines and entertainment, so there’s a little something for everyone in Alghero to visit. The marina is lined with luxury yachts while sandy beaches can be found up north.


This town is easily one of the most beautiful in Sardinia. The colorful pastel houses, lined up on steep hills create an idyllic image that warms any traveler’s heart. You’ll find fishing boats along the river, all lined with vibrant palm trees. Bosa boasts hundreds of years of history, having been founded by the ancient Phoenicians, flourished under Roman rule, and survived several onslaughts by Arab pirates in the early Middle Ages.

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