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27 Jun

3 Street Food Delights to Try in Lisbon

Are you about to be on your way to gorgeous Lisbon, Portugal? Foodies will rejoice with the knowledge that the street food in this magnificent western European capital is top-notch and packed with flavor. Here are a few street food favorites you can find to snack on in Lisbon during your stay. If you love sandwiches and flavorful meats, it is safe to say that you’ve struck gold with Portugal:


This traditional Portuguese sandwich is made with delicious pork fillets. The most flavorful bifanas tend to come with heaps of garlic on top, but non-garlic-lovers can get them without as they like. Locals will often pair their bifanas with a “cold imperial”–that is, a small beer. The bifana is so popular that McDonald’s in Portugal has the McBifana!

Pão Com Chouriço

This is one of the most delicious meals you can find in Lisbon. While Portuguese bread on its own is delicious, but it becomes a vehicle for massive flavor when stuffed with chorizo. Pretty much any cafe in Lisbon is bound to have pão com chouriço, but the best, most traditional versions of this dish are prepared in a terracotta oven and served to customers warm.


“Prego” is a word with two meanings in Portuguese: a nail, or the infamous beef sandwich you can find in this nation. You can choose to have your lunch “no pão” or “on bread,” or you can have it on a plate or, “no prato.” Sandwiches can come with toppings like mustard or hot sauce, while plated prego can come with fries, rice, or even salad.

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