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30 Apr

3 Things To Do in the Dominican Republic This Summer

Thinking of stopping by the beautiful Dominican Republic this summer? Here are a couple of must-see locations during your stay:

Twenty-Seven Waterfalls

If any traveler to the Dominican Republic can name the coolest experience they had during their trip, the one thing that tops the list for many would be exploring the myriad of waterfalls at Damajagua. Expert guides take tourists through these falls by swimming and climbing. To make your way down you have to jump–sometimes as far as 20 feet–into the clear, delightful pools below. Solo travelers with a love of adventure will rejoice at knowing there’s no minimum group size for these exploration tours.

Santo Domingo

Also known as “La Capital”, it’s a beautiful collage of the hustle and bustle of daily life. You’ll be serenaded with everything from the sounds of charming cars to merengue music playing softly from nearby corner stores. You’ll find the Zona Colonial in the heart of La Capital, home to one of the oldest churches and European fortresses still standing in the New World Today. You’ll also find vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisine, and a little something for everyone looking for a slice of city life abroad.

Península de Samaná

This cosmopolitan part of the nation is known to be much more laid back, and knowledge of either Italian or French are just as useful here as fluency in Spanish. This peninsula is known for its fantastic whale-watching: North Atlantic humpback whales swim through doing migratory songs and dances every January through March. However, when wales aren’t in season, you’ll find quite a bit to enjoy from the lively Las Terrenas to the sandy shores of Las Galeras, home to some of the most secluded beaches in the nation.

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