12 Jun

Are you looking for good father’s day gifts at the last minute? Here are a few ideas for dads who love to travel to improve their trips in the future:

Packing Cube Set

As anyone knows, it can be a pain to squeeze everything into your bags while trying to sort out padding some items with clothes, and squeezing others in where they can fit. With a reliable set of packing cubes to fit any bag, you can sort and fit everything while keeping your items organized. Dads who frequently travel for business or love to keep everything tidy in general will love to be able to organize their bags to their specifications!

Fleece Hooded Robe

Is your dad the kind of guy who likes to be able to prop his feet up and live in luxury no matter where he is? This fleece hooded robe may be the answer. The ultra-soft, lightweight fabric is an absolute dream to wear and is an excellent piece of apparel for unwinding after a stressful day on a business trip or a long day of vacationing with the missus.

Withings/Nokia Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

Is your dad a fitness nut who would benefit from a FitBit, but hates the look of it? This smartwatch is designed to pack the class of a men’s wristwatch design with the function of modern smartwatches. He can monitor his heart rate, connect his watch to GPS, get detailed workout reports as well as daily and overnight HR, and much more. You can even get smartphone notifications on this watch as well as sleep tracking. Better still, this watch has 25 days of battery life on just one charge. Avid divers will be happy to know that this watch is water-resistant up to depths of 50 meters!

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