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26 Mar

5 Handy Travel Tips for Your Stay in Brazil

Are you fixing to head to Brazil for business or leisure? Here are some handy tips to help you get the most out of your stay in one of the most beautiful countries in South America:

It’s Better to Know Portuguese Than Spanish

Even though many Latin American countries are easy enough to navigate with a working knowledge of Spanish, that isn’t the case in Brazil. Portuguese is the country’s official language, and Spanish is not as commonly spoken. English is more common due to its usefulness in business, however. While those who know Spanish may be kicking themselves, don’t worry: Portuguese and Spanish share many similarities, and once you learn one, it makes the other even easier to pick up quickly.

Though English is a little more common than Spanish, it’s definitely useful to learn some basic Portuguese expressions to help you get by, especially if you’re traveling outside of major tourist destinations like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The locals will also appreciate you taking the time to learn the language, even if you’re not perfect at it!

Check Twice Before Crossing The Street

While the pedestrian crossing signs are very clear and easy to understand, many drivers in Brazil can be prone to running through stop lights, much to the chagrin of pedestrians and other drivers at intersections. With this in mind, make sure to always double-check the roads and make sure vehicles have completely stopped before crossing, even if the pedestrian crossing light indicates that it’s your turn to cross.

Yes, Brazil Gets Snow, Too

Be sure to research the climate before you travel, because depending on where you are Brazil, you may need to pack a sweater! The southern tip of Brazil is prone to below-freezing temperatures and even snow in the winter. For tropical weather that lasts all year round, be sure to keep your stay in northern Brazil, which is closer to the equator.

Women-Only Subway Carriages

Many major cities in Brazil have subway carriages that are only for women. You’ll be able to easily find these cars, as they are pink with women-only notices in both Portuguese and English. However, the women-only rule is exercised only during peak subway travel hours: that is, Monday through Friday from 6 to 9 in the morning and 5 to 8 in the evening. Male travelers better look carefully before they board a women-only car during these times, as they can be fined as much as $320 USD (or $1000 reais)!

Don’t Explore the Amazon Alone

While The Amazon is a beautiful and incredible natural habitat, it’s also extremely vast and dangerous to explore on your own. If you’re an intrepid adventurer looking to explore this gorgeous part of the world, be sure to take a qualified guide with you who can take you down safer paths that still allow you to enjoy this natural wonder of the world. This also applies to the Pantanal, which is the world’s largest tropical wetland area and also found in Brazil.

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