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15 Sep

5 of the Best Rated Cheeses in the World

We are going to talk about splendid cheeses from around the globe by country.

Number 5: Kefalograviera – Which hails from Epirus, Greece. It is made from sheep’s milk mixed with goat’s milk or just sheep’s milk, getting its name due to the fact it is a cross between two cheeses, which are Graviera and Kefalograviera. A hard table cheese that is frequently used to prepare a Greek dish called saganaki.

Number 4: Pecorino Romano – This cheese is Italian, hard cooked and made with whole sheep’s milk. It is particularly salty and makes a wonderful table cheese.

Number 3: Parmigiano Reggiano – Another Italian cheese, this one is considered to be among the world’s top quality cheeses. It is produced with semi-skimmed cow’s milk. With a gritty texture, this cheese has numerous different flavors. Ranging from robust, nutty to even a bit piquant. This of course depends on how long the cheese has matured.

Number 2: Mont d’Or  – Hailing from France, this is a very soft cheese made from cow’s milk. What’s unique about this cheese in visual appearance is that it is typically packaged in a wooden box to keep the cheese in place. It is slightly acidic and has a grassy and sweet flavor, along with being highly rich.

Number 1: Graviera Kritis – To end this list as it started with another Greek cheese. The taste of Graviera Kritis is slightly nutty and somewhat sweet. This cheese matures for three to five months before sold. It is by far the most popular Greek cheese, standing next to feta. It can be found almost anywhere outside of Greece’s borders. It is often served as an appetizer or grated onto foods and used in soups and salads.

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