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09 May

7 Tips for Safe Travel in Mexico

Mexico welcomes millions of US citizens every year for business and tourism alike, but as with any country, it is crucial to be aware of things you can do to maximize your safety. Here are just 7 tips for safe travel in Mexico to get you started:

The Mexican government makes an effort to keep travelers safe. There are some basic safety tips you can know, that will keep your travel in Mexico a pleasurable one.

  1. Research your destination. Get the latest information on the city or region you’re planning to visit by checking the U.S. State Department’s travel alerts page for the most current information on warnings for tourists.
  2. Think twice about valuables. If you really don’t need that cocktail ring or your expensive watch on this trip – don’t bring it. It will make you far less attractive to pickpockets and thieves.
  3. Double up on your documents. Scan your passport and other travel documents and email them to yourself. You’ll at least have a copy to refer to if they get lost or stolen.
  4. Write down credit card bank numbers. Find out the international number for your bank or credit card and take it with you. Most toll-free numbers won’t work from Mexico to reach your bank.
  5. Just in case. Make sure someone at home knows your itinerary for your trip.
  6. Forget the fanny pack. Fanny packs are often targets for pickpockets. Go for an underclothing money belt or purse-boots that have special pockets sewn within for holding credit cards, passport, and even cell phones without showing.
  7. Financial backup plan. Take a few traveler cheques with you just in case. Just in case can mean that ATM that ate your credit card or your card gets stolen. It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan.

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