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25 Sep

Belarus: Land of Medieval Castles and Pristine Lakes

Belarus, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, offers travelers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Belarus has a rich history of medieval castles. Nestled across the countryside, these ancient fortresses tell tales of a bygone era. Mir Castle is a standout example. Its striking architecture and intricate design are sure to transport you back in time. Another impressive site is Nesvizh Castle, a magnificent palace surrounded by lush gardens, a true architectural masterpiece.

Belarus also boasts an extensive network of pristine lakes and rivers, making it a paradise for nature lovers. Lake Naroch, the largest lake in Belarus, is perfect for swimming, fishing, and relaxation. The beautiful and serene Braslaw Lakes, a group of around 300 lakes, and a truly picturesque destination for nature enthusiasts. The Białowieża Forest is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. It’s home to the European bison, an awe-inspiring creature that roams freely in this ancient woodland.

Before you plan your trip, remember that Belarus requires a travel visa for U.S. citizens to enter. Texas Tower can expedite the process of obtaining a Belarus visa and U.S. passport, having them travel-ready in less than a week. Contact us at 713-874-1420 and begin the expediting process today.

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