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08 Sep

Travelling to Mexico During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Though the land border between the United States and Mexico remains closed, US travelers can fly to Mexico. No testing requirements are currently in place, although Mexico’s recent reopening...

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07 Sep

Egypt Travel Guidelines During COVID-19 Pandemic

Egypt relaxed tourism restrictions in July, and there are regular direct flights on EgyptAir from New York City and Washington, DC, to Cairo. US travelers need to procure a visa either...

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04 Sep

Travelling to Malta During COVID-19 Pandemic

Travelers wishing to sidestep the EU travel ban and who are willing to quarantine can visit Malta — but make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before embarking....

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03 Sep

U.S. Citizens Can Travel to Belarus, But You Need a Visa

While in the midst of mass protests, the borders of Belarus are open to Americans. There are no restrictions on entry, although passengers should expect temperature checks at Minsk...

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02 Sep

How to Travel to Cambodia During COVID-19

This is the latest for travelling for US citizens travelling to Cambodia. Under the Kingdom’s health measures, all travelers, both Cambodians and foreigners, who travel to Cambodia will be...

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01 Sep

Can US Citizens Travel to Brazil During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

If you are a U.S. citizen and have a visa for entry, you can travel to Brazil currently. Brazil remains at a Level 4 Travel Advisory because the country...

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31 Aug

You Can Still Expedite Your Passport If This Situation Applies

As conditions continue to improve globally, more and more countries are opening up their borders for US travelers to enter. However, if your US passport expired or has less than...

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28 Aug

Armenia is Now Open for US Citizens to Travel To, But You Must Do This

While Armenia may not be on everyone’s travel bucket list, Turkey’s neighbor to the east is open for US tourists to explore. Travelers will need to submit to a Covid-19 PCR...

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27 Aug

Post-Pandemic Travel : Albania is Open for US Citizens Now

As the virus infections continue to drop, more and more countries are opening up for US citizens to travel to. There are no specific details in terms of what...

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26 Aug

Ghost Ship Tours Being Offered Among Empty Cruise Ships

It’s been very difficult for cruise ship enthusiasts and companies alike throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Most boats have been anchored for months on end due to the COVID-19 pandemic,...

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