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13 Jun

Brazil FAQ: Traveling to the Pantanal

Have you been looking for the perfect nature getaway? In Brazil, you can find a wide variety of natural wonders. Here are some things you should know before you start getting ready for your next adventure:

What is the Pantanal?

Considered the world’s most extensive freshwater wetlands, the Pantanal is a mosaic of rivers, lakes, swamps, and mudflats.

Where is the Pantanal located?

Although mostly in Brazil, the wetlands creep across the border into neighboring Paraguay and Bolivia — a total area nearly as large as the island of Great Britain or the state of Utah.

What animals are most often seen in The Pantanal?

Hands down, the Pantanal is the single best place on the planet for viewing jaguars in the wild. Among the region’s other intriguing species are giant anteaters, blue-and-gold hyacinth macaws, capybaras and tapirs, giant river otters, the rare and endangered maned wolf, huge anacondas and the ubiquitous caiman. A South American cousin of the crocodile, caiman are found in astounding numbers — an estimated 10 million. The Amazon Basin is where the majority of people will say would be the best place to view the wildlife. You’re more likely to encounter these same animals in the Pantanal.

Who are the cowboys of the Pantanal?

The pantaneiro — Cowboys that carry on a lifestyle that originated in the 1700s, when the Pantanal was settled by ranchers moving up from the Brazilian coast. Riding horses that have evolved adaptations for long hours of working in water, the pantaneiro manage herds of gray, humpbacked Brahmin cattle that often number into the thousands.

What are some local dishes I should try?

Two of the area’s cowboy culinary favorites are arroz de carreteiro or “oxcart rice” (a mixture of rice and beef jerky) and sopa paraguaya (a cake-like mix of corn, cheese, onions and water similar to cornbread).

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