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11 May

Burundi Struggles to Rebuild Tourism

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of State lifted the advisory on  U.S. citizens traveling to Burundi  to cautionary. This is due to political violence persisting throughout Burundi in the aftermath of the country’s contested elections, an attempted coup d’etat, and the debate over the President standing for a third term.

There are no direct flights from U.S.; travelers will need to book connections through Brussels, London, Rome, Paris, Addis Abbas, Nairobi, Kampala, and Kigali on the following carriers: Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, and Air Burundi.

Tourism operators are struggling to rebuild the tourist industry.

The Crazy Tourist has a great overview of current tourism opportunities in Burundi.

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Additional vaccinations besides the required Yellow Fever:  Malaria is a serious problem. Cholera vaccination may be required in event of outbreak.

Notice that your passport needs to have an expiration date that is six months after the completion date of your trip. If you need to renew your passport, we can assist you in obtaining your passport in as fast as 24-hours.

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