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03 Jul

Reasons You’re Going to Need a Birth Certificate

Can you believe it’s already July 2018? One thing we see during the summer months is an increase in new high school grads seeking copies of their birth certificate...

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22 Jun

Documents Your Graduate Will Need for College Registration

  This is the time of year when all that hard work in school is paying off with an acceptance to college. This means a fresh start, making new...

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20 Jun

How to Get a U.S. Passport for Your Newborn

In the present, all travelers need a valid U.S. passport to travel internationally, including your newborn. You have two choices, you can do the applying and paperwork submitting yourself...

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24 May

Let’s Talk Paperwork and Documents for College Admission

Congratulations Graduate! Applying for college can go much smoother if you’re organized about it. We’ve put together some helpful pages to get things together. Birth Certificate First of all,...

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11 May

Burundi Struggles to Rebuild Tourism

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of State lifted the advisory on  U.S. citizens traveling to Burundi  to cautionary. This is due to political violence persisting throughout Burundi in...

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22 Dec

How to Get Your Birth Certificate Fast

Not having your birth certificate when you need it is frustrating. If that’s happening to you or someone you know right now, we are here to help. You can...

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08 Dec

How to Order Your US Birth Certificate Online

There are numerous reasons for needing a certified copy of your birth certificate. School from elementary to college will need them for registration. Applying for a driver’s license, US...

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26 Sep

How to Get Your Birth Certificate Copy From Any State

You need a certified copy of your birth certificate for so many things. You will need one to obtain or renew your passport. You will need one for your...

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19 Sep

When You Need a Copy of Your Birth Certificate

If you’re reading this, it was one of your first forms of identification. Unfortunately, birth certificates get lost, damaged, and there just comes a time when you need it,...

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15 May

Spring Cleaning : Get Your Personal Papers Organized in 4 Steps!

There’s no better time than the present to get organized. Immediately that might make you feel overwhelmed because there are so many things that need organizing. The kitchen, the...

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