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17 Jul

Quick! Can You Answer These Three Questions About Your Passport?

Knowing when to renew your U.S. passport is as important as owning one. Also learn how about why you need blank pages in your passport.  This ensures your travel plans happen...

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16 Jul

How Many of These Russian Foods Have You Eaten?

One of the best ways to truly experience a country during a visit is to seek out regional specialties. Russia has no shortage of them. Here are ten great...

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12 Jul

Is It Legal to Photocopy Your US Passport?

There’s an urban legend about passports that just won’t die. The story goes that much like paper money, a passport is a federal document that you cannot photocopy without...

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10 Jul

How to Get an Afghanistan Visa

If you’re a U.S. National seeking a travel visa to Afghanistan, you’re in the right place. If your Afghan visit is for business or pleasure, you’re going to need...

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09 Jul

Why Expedite? It Now Takes Longer Than Ever to Get a U.S. Passport

If you haven’t checked lately, now is a good time to see if six months or less are remaining until the expiration date of your US passport. If so,...

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26 Jun

Healthy Snacks to Pack Along

It’s hard to eat healthy when you’re traveling, and with all the food adventures to have, it is hard to stick to a diet. Here is an excellent article...

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10 Jun

Precautions to Take in Case You Lose Your US Passport in China

When making a trip anywhere abroad, it is crucial to be safe and know what to do in the event you lose vital travel documents such as your passport...

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21 May

Tips For Summer Cruise Travel

Are you getting ready to head out for a Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise? Here are some tips for getting the most out of your summer cruise trip: Pack Some...

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13 May

Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist Around the World

Something everyone wants to avoid during international travel is being outed as a tourist. The best experience comes from being able to blend in and not be treated differently...

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08 May

China Spotlight: Top 3 Attractions in Xi’an

If you’re planning a sightseeing trip to China this summer, every region has its own unique landmarks, cuisine, and culture. In the province of Shaanxi, the city of Xi’an...

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