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12 Oct

Should you keep your passport current?

The answer to that question is a qualified Yes!   By 2018, many states will not accept a state i.d. as valid identification for flying, and a passport is...

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06 Sep

Hurricane Irma Now Category 5 Makes Landfall in the Caribbean

We are in Houston and are still drying up after Harvey. Keeping an eye on Hurricane Irma. According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Irma made landfall with the...

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11 Jul

What You Should Know About Drone Safaris in Africa

Drone photography has become very popular, particularly for candid wildlife viewing. For every responsible drone operator, there suddenly appeared one that was irresponsible as heck. From breathtaking videos that...

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29 May

Busy Summer Travel Season Predicted – Is Your Passport Ready?

You know what comes after Memorial Day Weekend? Summer travel season kicks off! Despite recent controversies with some airlines, the Washington, D.C.-based industry group Airlines for America has stated they...

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24 Apr

Tourists Flocking to Newfoundland to See Giant 150-ft Iceberg

Newfoundland has long been a tourist hub of activity for people coming to see “Iceberg Alley.” Recently, a hunk of ice of huge proportions appears to be stuck and...

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16 Jul

Saturday Travel Weekly Post Recap

Does any industry move as fast as the travel industry? Turkey in the past 24 hours is a great example of how fast your destination change. Here’s a recap...

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07 Jul

Are You Ready for the Rio 2016 Olympics?

Are you ready? The 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil from August 5 – August 21, 2016. If you are planning on spectating in...

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09 Jun

Secrets for Passing Your International Driver’s License Driving Test

Just kidding, there’s no driving test. If you want to be in command of your own schedule when you travel, the best way is to get an international driving...

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11 Feb

Olympic Travel to Brazil Possibly Impacted by Zika Virus

With the appearance of the Zika virus appearing in Texas, it’s now a concern for both North and South America.  Specifically, Brazil is getting nervous as the Zika virus...

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29 Dec

2016 Olympics and Paralympics in Rio

2016 is coming soon and with it comes not only the Olympics, but also the Paralympics. Both events will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Summer Olympics...

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