07 May

How To Get A Certified Birth Certificate Quickly With Texas Tower

Getting a certified birth certificate can be a hassle. Texas Tower can help you get your certified birth certificate quickly and easily. There are numerous reasons you’re going to...

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06 May

Brazil Passport Renewal

Brazil is currently open for travel, but be aware that is at a level 4 “Do Not Travel” advisory due to crime in the urban areas. To obtain more...

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05 May

How To Get a Passport For Children Ages 15 And Under

Need to get a passport for your teen or child? We can help you if you follow the steps on this page. Child Passport Steps Information Complete and print...

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04 May

How To Replace Your Lost, Damaged or Stolen Passport

| If your passport has been lost, damaged or otherwise stolen during the pandemic, you can still get a new passport with Texas Tower. Lost or Stolen Passport Replacement...

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03 May

Houston Area Services: How To Apply For A Name Change

When a person gets married, divorced, or otherwise makes a name change – the driver’s license and social security card often are the first to see a change to...

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30 Apr

How Do I Get A Second Passport?

Second Limited Passports are only valid for 4 years and are not renewable. In order to get a Second Limited Passport, please follow the steps listed on the Second...

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29 Apr

How To Get Your Very First Passport For Adults

There are a few steps you will need to fulfill in order to obtain your very first passport. Firstly, you will need certain documents. You will need to complete...

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28 Apr

What To Do If Your Passport Expired During The Pandemic

Do you have an itch for travel? Do you have a strong desire to want to go to another country, but you can’t because your passport expired during the...

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27 Apr

How To Get Your Uganda E-Visa

Uganda is currently open for travel and is at a level 3 “Reconsider Travel” advisory. The instructions below will inform you on how to obtain your Uganda e-visa. If...

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26 Apr

Sri Lanka Is Open For Travel

Sri Lanka is currently at a Level 2 “Exercise Increased Caution” and is open for travel. They currently allow 2500 tourists per day. Sri Lanka e-Visa Information What types...

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