24 Jan

How to Get Your US Passport Fast for Travel to Taiwan

Taiwan is a hot destination for business conferences, particularly in the oil and gas and IT industries. It’s not an unusual situation to realize at the last minute you...

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23 Jan

How to Get Your Ghana Travel Visa

Our office in Houston, Texas processes travel visas for travelers going to Ghana frequently. Travelers that are visiting for either business or tourism will require a visa for entry...

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17 Jan

How to Change Your Name on Your Passport to Your Married Name in Houston

Some people feel that one spouse assuming the other’s last name is an old-fashioned and outdated tradition. There are others that want to keep the tradition alive and change their...

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16 Jan

How to Get Your Thailand Travel Visa Expedited in Houston Texas

Planning a trip from the United States to Thailand in the near future? It’s one of the top ten destinations we obtain travel visas for. Our Houston office has...

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15 Jan

How to Get Your Kenya Visa in Houston Texas

  Did you know Kenya was founded by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C.E.?  This country is rich with natural wonders and history, but to enter the country you’re...

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11 Jan

How to Get Your Tanzania Visa in Houston

Tanzania is one of the legendary African travel destinations. You can visit Zanzibar, see the Serengeti, visit Mt. Kilimanjaro, white sand beaches, and Olduvai Gorge, also known as the...

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10 Jan

How to Get a Saudi Arabia Visa and Enjaz in Houston

Saudi Arabia has exacting standards for issuing travel visas, including the required Enjaz, which is their e-Visa.  Whether you are traveling to Saudi Arabia as a tourist or on...

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09 Jan

Liberia Travel Visa and Apostille in Houston

Are you a U.S. citizen traveling to Liberia? You will require both a valid U.S. passport and a travel visa. The documents submitted to the embassy for the visa...

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08 Jan

Tips for Getting Your Russian Travel Visa

United States citizens require a visa to visit Russia. Here are some tips to know about getting your Russian Visa. Our Houston office can expedite your Russia visa for...

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07 Jan

Venezuela Visa in Houston: Tips to Get It Fast

There are three kinds of travel visas to Venezuela that  United States citizens can qualify for depending on the type of travel they are planning.       Here...

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