06 Apr

7 Beautiful Travel Destinations for Walking Tours

A type of travel that is gaining rapid popularity is the guided walking tour. Small groups with local guides allow for an intimate tourist experience. Generally, the usual tourist...

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05 Apr

Russia Put Out a Tourist Travel Guide and It’s Seriously Funny

Traveling to a foreign land can be somewhat awkward if you don’t know the local customs. Also things that are okay to do in the U.S. may be culturally...

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27 Mar

Got a Passport and Love to Write? This Company Will Pay You $10K a Month to Travel

We recently ran across what many people might consider a dream job. Imagine getting paid $10,000/monthly to travel and you have slum it staying in million-dollar luxury accommodations. Sounds...

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27 Feb

China Will Collect Fingerprints from Travelers

Are up a traveler between the ages of 14 to 70? You may find yourself providing your fingerprints upon entry to China next time you visit. In an effort...

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17 Feb

Guess What Destination Entered the Top 6 for U.S. Travelers on Valentine’s Day?

We’ll give you a hint. It’s exotic, has beautiful beaches and is a mere 90 miles away from the coast of the United States. If you guessed, Cuba, you’re...

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14 Feb

Top 7 Most Romantic Cities Around the World

Happy Valentine’s Day! Ever wondered what the top 10 most romantic cities to visit with your favorite person might be? Here’s our list. 1. Paris, France Yes, of course...

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08 Feb

5 Best Hotels for Spring Break in Cuba

Are you heading to Cuba for Spring Break? It’s only 90 miles from the U.S. so it’s as fast and easy to get to as Mexico. And equally as...

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06 Feb

Ghana Tourism: 7 Places to Check Out

Thinking about visiting Ghana? This African nation is a must-see. Visitors hear the word, “Akwaaba” frequently traveling through the streets and all over the country. The basic meaning is...

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01 Feb

How to Get Your Personal Papers Organized

Have you ever heard one of the basic laws of time management? It’s the number one thing you should do to get a grip on your day. Basically, any...

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30 Jan

Hottest Destinations for Spring Break Outside the U.S.

It’s time to decide where you’re headed for spring break if you haven’t already. Here is a rough and ready list of some of the hottest destinations outside the...

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