08 Dec

Kenya Fights to Reclaim Tourism Industry

Kenya has long been a jewel in the tourism industry of Africa. The few years haven’t been so positive for Kenya. The country has had some setbacks to their...

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19 Aug

How to Get Your China Visa Even Faster

One of the smartest things you can do when you’re planning to travel to China from the United States, outsource the procurement of your travel visa to Texas Tower....

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18 Aug

How to Outsource Your Company Travel on a Budget

If your company requires employees to travel overseas on a regular basis, it makes good sense to outsource the procurement of passports and travel visas to a third party...

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09 Aug

6 Tips for Traveling in Brazil

Whether you’re traveling to Rio now for the Olympics, Paralympics, or afterward; there are some things to know that keep you safe and make your time in Brazil even...

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30 Jul

Weekly Travel Wrap Up Djibouti, Paraguay, Philippines, China, and Brazil

Hope your Saturday is going well! Here’s some of what you might have missed this past week. Djibouti has a burgeoning travel industry that is growing larger every year....

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16 Jul

Saturday Travel Weekly Post Recap

Does any industry move as fast as the travel industry? Turkey in the past 24 hours is a great example of how fast your destination change. Here’s a recap...

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12 Jul

Visiting the Golden Ring in Russia

If you’re planning to visit Russia, make it a point to arrange to tour the Golden Ring. What is the Golden Ring? The Golden Ring is a group of...

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07 Jul

Are You Ready for the Rio 2016 Olympics?

Are you ready? The 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil from August 5 – August 21, 2016. If you are planning on spectating in...

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14 Jun

Ghana Tourism: FDA Approves Vaccine to Protect Travelers from Cholera

The FDA approved the vaccine, Vaxchora, for the prevention of cholera. The vaccine may be used by adults from 18 to 64 years of age traveling to areas with...

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08 Jun

Questions and Answers About Traveling to Brazil for Rio 2016 Olympics

Beginning June 1st, 2016, Brazil has made it a whole lot easier for U.S. citizens that are planning to attend the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio August 5th through...

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