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16 May

China Must-See: Chongqing Zoo Where People are in Cages

It’s not unusual to take in a zoo in a city where you’re sightseeing. It is unusual to take in a zoo where the animals roam free and the people are in a cage. That’s one of the features that makes the Chongqing Zoo worth a trip.

There are numerous exhibits with animals in habitats, the feature that gets the most attention (besides the adorable pandas munching on bamboo) is the ride through the park where visitors are safely inside a metal cage on a truck and the animals come up to view YOU.

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Other animals reside in habitats and include other big cats, elephants, and pandas, including the famous Ling-Ling.
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The zoo has a lush landscape of tropical plants and is well-maintained. You can either get a ticket through the tour group you’re with or purchase tickets at the gate for $10 USD.

To get there from the United States you need to make sure your passport has 6 months left before the expiration date and you will need a travel visa to enter China – talk to us if you need either, we’re here to help!

This is the largest zoo in Southwest China, so expect to spend several hours here if you want to see everything. There are over 1,000 birds (the ornithology buff in your life will love this) and 170 different species of animals to view.

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