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02 Jun

Cool Places To Visit in Mozambique

Mozambique is a gorgeous country located on the coast of Africa with a massive draw for tourists.  As Mozambique’s tourism industry continues to expand, it’s a wonderful idea to put Mozambique on your bucket list of absolute must-see destinations.

How long is an entry visa good for?
Maximum Duration of Stay: 30 days

What documents do United States travelers require for entry?
For business visas to enter Mozambique, travelers will need:

For tourist visas, travelers will need the following:

  • One completed Mozambique visa application
  • Two passport type photos
  • Physical passport with 6 months validity beyond trip completion and one blank visa page
  • Non-USA passport holders must provide a copy of green card or US Visa and I-94
  • One copy of flight itinerary
  • Texas Tower order form

    If you want to take a vacation or trip or otherwise have business in Mozambique, contact 713-874-1420 and our support team will be sure to assist you in acquiring a Mozambique visa.

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