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18 Nov

Entry Requirements for Traveling to Namibia

Namibia flag for namibia visaHere are some tips for making your trip to Namabia even easier. This country has a few requirements for entry that you need to meet or you will be denied entry.Tourists do not require a visa for entry, however if you’re traveling to Namibia for business purposes, a visa will be required.

Passport requirements for Namibia travel
Like most international travel destinations, your passport will need to show an expiration date that is six months beyond the completion of your visit to Namibia.  You will also need six or more pages are required for entry stamp. If you need extra pages added to your passport, Texas Tower can obtain them for you.

Medical requirements for Namibia entry
If your entry is arriving through South Africa, you will need to show proof of a yellow fever vaccination within the previous 14-days. Because both yellow fever and malaria are prevalent in the region, the CDC recommends both for travelers entering Namibia. Of special note, the State Department warns U.S. citizens should lesotho_diamond_3-300x216avoid purchasing diamonds and other protected resources outside of licensed retail establishments. The penalty for illegal dealing in diamonds in Namibia is stiff – up to U.S. $20,000 in fines or five years in prison – and the courts generally impose the maximum sentence.

How to get your travel visa to Namibia

You will need to complete a Namibia visa application and submit your current valid US passport along with two passport-type photos. Your flight itinerary and a business letter (we can show you what an acceptable sample looks like).

Here is a collection of the top ten tourist attractions in Namibia

If you need help with extra passport pages or a business travel visa to Namibia, let Texas Tower make it easy and obtain those documents for you. Just contact our office at 713-874-1420 to get started.

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