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03 Jun

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Dad

Are you looking for the perfect gifts for your outdoorsy, travel-loving dad this Father’s Day? Here are a few suggestions for a dad who loves the outdoors:

GOTHAM7 Citizen Bike

The GOTHAM7 Citizen Bike is genuinely fascinating, because not only is it lightweight and foldable, but it is also incredibly customizable. This 20″, 7-speed bike is impressive to behold. Not only can your dad add the parts that he wants most and values most, but you can also surprise him by adding some upgrades yourself and then giving him more options to improve his biking experience. Whether he’s a dedicated cyclist or wants to have some fun on a beautiful portable bicycle, the GOTHAM7 Citizen Bike offers plenty of options, from bottle cages and comfort saddles to airless Muffin tires and handlebar-mounted Bluetooth wireless speakers.

Yeti Hopper Soft-Sided Portable Cooler

Is your dad a camping enthusiast or avid fisherman who could use a reliable cooler? The Hopper Soft-Sided Portable Cooler from Yeti has a lot to offer. Not only can your ice last for days, but it is 100% leakproof. This cooler uses the same kind of materials found in Hazmat suits and white water rafts, so you know it can hold up to exposure to water and the elements. Better still, the Hopper Cooler comes in a variety of sizes so that you can get the perfect size for your dad’s needs. Whether he wants a small one for afternoon hiking or a big cooler for day-long boating trips, Yeti can accommodate you. The Yeti site also is a handy guide to help you choose the right size of cooler for your dad.

Kammok Roo Double Camping Hammock

As any outdoorsman knows, sleeping doesn’t get much better than a good hammock under the stars. The challenge, however, comes with finding the right bedding. The Roo Double Hammock from Kammok seeks to offer a solution that is not only a durable outdoor hammock but can accommodate two people. If your father wants to camp out with the missus for an anniversary trip, this is the perfect hammock for that. This specially-designed hammock uses patented Gravitas fabric to create a lightweight, breathable sleeping surface, and this engineered fiber also makes it very water- and tear-resistant and extremely portable. This 18-ounce hammock can accommodate up to 500 pounds!

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