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03 May

Houston Area Services: How To Apply For A Name Change

When a person gets married, divorced, or otherwise makes a name change – the driver’s license and social security card often are the first to see a change to the new moniker.

Another must-do is to update your passport. This eliminates the chance of being detained or delayed in your travels because your name on your passport does not match your other travel documents. This is especially important for newlyweds planning a trip out of the country for a honeymoon, and one or both has changed their names on their driver’s license or other identification to reflect their new status.

Updating the name on your passport is easy. The service you will need is reapplying .

You will need a copy of a document such as a certified marriage certificate that verifies the name change. Other than that difference, there are no more special requirements than applying for a renewal of your passport.

Call our offices today at (713) 874-1420 if you need to change the name on your passport and have any questions. A team member can walk you through the process.

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