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01 Oct

How to Get Your Cuba Tourist Visa Online

Cuba is less than 100 miles off the coast of Florida and makes a quick getaway for anyone that wants to experience the exotic beaches and culture this beautiful country has to offer.

While certain conditions restrict tour groups from visiting Cuba for certain types of travel, U.S. travelers can freely travel to and from Cuba if they have a valid US passport and travel visa for entry.

The tourist requirements for Cuba visas are less stringent than business-class visas.
Just fill out the one completed Cuba Visa Application. You will need to submit a passport-type photo along with your physical passport with two blank visa pages.

Please note: If you do not have at least two blank visa pages in your US passport, you will be required to renew it as pages can no longer be added. Texas Tower can expedite your US passport renewal as fast as 24 hours if needed. 

Tourists will also need to submit their most recent bank statement and a copy of their flight itinerary.

To get started you can go here to our dedicated Cuba Travel Visa page.

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