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29 Apr

How To Get Your Very First Passport For Adults

There are a few steps you will need to fulfill in order to obtain your very first passport.

Firstly, you will need certain documents. You will need to complete and print the passport application from the Department of State’s website, please do not sign it. Make a copy of the DS-11 (passport form) which must be unsigned. Two photos of passport quality. A copy of your flight itinerary, proof of your U.S. citizenship (meaning the original of a U.S. issued birth certificate or U.S. Naturalization Document. An expired U.S. passport was issued for 10 years also will work) Lastly, you will need an authorization letter for Texas Tower to act on your behalf.

To get started on this, please go to our first passport for adults page.

If you’re in need of further assistance, please contact us at or call us at 713-874-1420.

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