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01 May

Nigeria: 3 Delicious Dishes to Try This Summer

Nigeria has a distinct, excellent cuisine that is bursting with flavor in every dish. Here of some the best treats to try during your next summer trip or business venture in Nigeria:


Pounded Yam

Pounded yam is a typical side dish for soups and other dishes. Because yam is so widely available in Nigeria, there is a myriad of ways to prepare it. Pounded yam, is, as the name suggests, boiled yams that have been pounded into a creamy, smooth mass. Nigerians abroad often make this dish with yam flour, but it’s not quite the same. Many ethnic groups in Nigeria consume pounded yam, including the Yoruba people and Ibos.


Garri is easily one of the most popular dishes in all of Nigeria. Not only is it a typical household dish, but it’s easy to make and incredibly delicious. Garri is made from fermented cassava tubers which are peeled, washed, and grated into a fine mash before fermentation. After fermentation, this mash is roasted to make a dry flour. After mixing with hot water, this becomes a dish called Eba and is a common accompaniment for stews and soups. This tasty treat can also be eaten as a snack or with beans.

Ogbono Soup

This famous Nigerian soup is made with Ogbono seeds and shows quite a lot of variety based on locality. The ground seeds act as a thickener and give the soup its vibrant brown color. The base of the soup is made with Ogbono seeds, water, and palm oil, and commonly contains meat, a variety of vegetables, and seasonings like chili peppers. Typical Ogbono soup vegetables include tomatoes, okra, bitter leak, and celosia. ONion and fermented locust beans, also known as iru, are just a few other popular additions to this flavorful soup. This soup is often eaten with either rice or pounded yam.


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