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20 Feb

Save Money on Company Travel Outsourcing Your Business Travel

day four of the trip toIn many businesses, international travel is a given. With that, there are passports to be acquired and renewed. Many countries require visas for entry for either business or tourist travel purposes, and those will need to be acquired for your employees.

Hiring a Corporate Travel manager works for some firms, however outsourcing the acquisition of your travel documents works for many other companies and here is why:

Outsourcing Results in Saving Money Immediately
Outsourcing your travel duties to an agency can save you in more ways than one. You won’t have an internal employee handling the passport and visas. Therefore, you also won’t have state and federal taxes for payroll on that position, vacation days, sick days, or insurance. That alone is a huge money-saver for your company.

Keeping Costs in Check
Knowing how much your passport and visa acquisition will run, even on a same-day processing situation will give you absolute control over your corporate travel.

Service Anywhere You Need It
Nationwide service is another plus for outsourcing your corporate travel. We can obtain passports, visas, and certified birth certificates delivering them to where you need those documents to be.

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