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05 Feb

Saudi Arabia is Available for Travel

Saudi Arabia is open for travel and is at a level 3 “reconsider travel” advisory.

Maximum Stay: 30 days

Saudi Arabia does allow photography and filming in public areas so long as it does not invade the privacy of others. Sensitive facilities, such as airports, seaports, oil and petrochemical facilities, and military bases that do not wish to be photographed are obliged to place visible signs indicating so. Royal palaces are considered private property and should not be photographed.

Travelers to Saudi Arabia may not carry alcohol, firearms, pork products, religious items, or pornographic materials. Prescription drugs should be carried in their original labeled containers.

One completed Saudi Arabia visa application
Two passport-type photo
Physical passport with 6 months validity beyond trip completion and one blank visa page  (Passport must be signed)
Non-USA passport holders must provide a copy of the green card or US Visa and I-94
One copy of the flight itinerary
Company business letter – Generate one now and print on your company letterhead.
One invitation from your Saudi Arabia host. We recommend that you request an English version to facilitate “Enjaz” data entry authorization.
One paid Saudi Arabia “Enjaz”. Included in the $200 embassy fee if Enjaz is done by us.
Articles of Incorporation from the company in the US.
Commercial Certificate from the inviting company in Saudi Arabia.
Texas Tower order form

Non-USA applicants pay $250 embassy fee (includes Enjaz).

Contact us at or call us at 713-874-1420 for further information.

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