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07 Oct

Things You Should Never Do in Rome, Italy – Ever

You know that old saying, “When in Rome…”? There are actually a few things you shouldn’t do when you visit Rome. We put together a list of them.

Mealtime: Don’t walk and eat. 
Even if you grab a snack, you’ll be expected to sit in the establishment or go to a nearby park and eat. It’s socially rude to walk and eat.

About that Cappuccino
Don’t order a cappuccino in the afternoon. Cappuccinos are considered a breakfast coffee and are often consumed first thing in the morning with a sweet pastry. If you need a splash of milk in your coffee, cafe macchiato will do nicely.

No eating around the fountains
Rome’s mayor Virginia Raggi has just issued a ban on eating and drinking near the city’s famous fountains.

Dress appropriately for jogging
If you’re a runner, make sure to dress appropriately. The cops may stop you for running shirtless or in a sports bra.

Read up on public transportation before you go
Rome’s bus system is slow and often timetables are just a good idea. You will need to buy bus tickets at the city tobacco store and not on the bus when boarding. If you miss the bus, trams are often more reliable but expensive. There’s always the Scooterino service!

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