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28 Jul

Taking the Family to China? Tips for Traveling with Kids

China is a great destination for both business and tourism. If you’re taking the kids along, here’s a collection of tips to keep the traveling smooth.

1 – Make sure everyone’s passport is current
All family members need passports to travel to China. We can issue and renew passports for you. If you need your passport within 24 hours, we can handle that too.

2 – You’re going to need travel visas
No matter what type of travel you’re engaging in China, every member of your family will need a travel visa to enter the country. We can expedite your China visa and save you a trip to the embassy.

3- Timing is everything
Make sure that you’re planning your trip to China during a school break or other long break for your kids. Consequently, know when venues in China will be crowded because of Chinese holidays. School summer holidays (July and August), Labor Day (May 1–7), and National Day (October 1–7). Most famous attractions will be over-crowded with Chinese tourists during these holidays.

4- Plan kid-friendly activities
In Beijing, you can visit the Forbidden City, enjoy a rickshaw ride, or explore the Great Wall. Xi’an has the amazing terracotta army. Do a little research and you can find numerous things to do to keep the kids learning about China without a single boring moment.

5-Don’t drink the tap water
Avoid the tap water. If your kids have tummies that get upset easily, it’s a good idea to avoid the food from street vendors.

6-Keep an eye on your kids
Don’t let your kids go off alone, especially at tourist attractions. Some parents give their kids a note written in Chinese with their hotel information and mobile numbers just in case the kids get separated.

7- Souvenirs
Let your kids pick out souvenirs. It’s fun to shop for mementos and keepsakes to remember your family trip to China.

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