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28 Dec

Top 5 Must See Destinations in 2016

Start planning your travel for 2016.  South America will be a prime destination this coming year, and not just because of the Olympics in Brazil.  Here are the top five destinations you should consider exploring in 2016. United States citizens won’t need a travel visa for entry to all of these countries, but you will need a current passport for all.

According to Tyler Dillon of Butterfield & Robinson, the peace deal between the government and left-wing guerrillas will enable the travel industry in Columbia to flourish once again.

united-kingdom-sUnited Kingdom
Because of the El Nino year bringing warmer weather and milder winters in the Northern Hemisphere, travel to England, Ireland, and Scotland should be on your list according to J. Epstein of Celebrated Experiences.

myanmar-cruiseVietnam and Myanmar
Enjoy a leisurely cruise and see the countries from a different viewpoint. Luxury cruises are available on The Belmond Orcaella, Sanctuary Ananda, and Aqua Mekong.

COMM-SoAmMap-12172010Chile and Peru
Post-Olympic travelers should make time to explore these two gorgeous South American countries before heading back.

African Safari with Drones
Hunting by capturing images instead of animals has been common. Drones take it a whole other level. Many preserves are already using drones to minimize poaching, particularly of elephants and rhinos. A few tourism businesses offer drone photos during the safari as another way to capture candid photos of the wildlife.

Those are just five great destinations for 2016, where are you planning to go?

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