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22 Aug

Top Trending Fall Destinations for Fall 2019

Airbnb has released their top destinations for Fall (by the bookings) and if you haven’t made Fall travel plans – it’s time.  With air travel sales to Europe and Mexico continuing to rise, it is surprising neither of those destinations made it into the top spot. With airlines running deals on last-minute bookings, it’s time to consider a Fall getaway.

Here are the top 10 for 2019
1. Regina, Canada (up 328%)
2. Beatenberg, Switzerland (312%)
3. Beppu, Japan (288%)
4, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico (279%)
5. Culebra, Puerto Rico (250%)
6. Tepoztlán, Mexico (250%)
7. Halle, Germany (248%)
8. Anderson, South Carolina (247%)
9. Pinehurst, North Carolina (243%)
10. Obertraun, Austria (232%)

For international destinations, make sure your US passport has more than six months until the expiration or you need to renew. If you choose to not wait 7 weeks through traditional methods, we can expedite your US passport in just 24 hours for adults and children.



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