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20 Jun

Touring The Best Art Museums in China

Are you an art enthusiast getting ready to go to China? Here are three of the top art museums in the country that you can check out during your stay:

The National Art Museum

The National Art Museum is located in Beijing and is one of the largest of its kind in China. You can find a vast permanent collection of both contemporary and ancient Chinese works, Western art, and Imperial Chinese art. The large museum contains four stories and is home to 21 exhibition halls for you to explore. The collections in this museum include costumes, lacquer work, caricatures, porcelain, watercolor paintings, Chinese New Year art, traditional picture stories, print, sculpture, oil paintings, and traditional Chinese paintings.

Central Academy Of Fine Arts

Also called CAFA, this Beijing museum is a work of architectural mastery. This art academy is not only an art school, but also features a museum with a coffee and gift shop for visitors. The Central Academy of Fine Arts is one of the most prestigious art academies in all of China. The six-floor museum was opened more recently, and currently features a wide variety of collections, including historical Chinese scroll paintings and rotating exhibits all year round.

Himalayas Art Museum

This Shanghai museum is also known as the HAM, and Arata Isozaki designed its unique architecture. The entire structure resembles a cave on the outside, with cavernous designs inside to pull visitors into this unique space. The exhibitions are quite unusual compared to what you can expect in a typical art museum. As one might guess, much of the art is contemporary in this museum, and you can find quite a few media shows here as well. However, the focus of this museum is on international contemporary art of all kinds.

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