19 Jun

Travel FAQ: Singapore

Are you planning a trip to Singapore soon and want to know what to expect while there? Here are a couple of things you should know before heading out:

What currencies are accepted, and are there any ATMs I can use?

In Singapore, the currency is known as the Singapore dollar, abbreviated to SGD ($). Be sure to check exchange rates online both before you go and during your stay in Singapore. When it comes to ATMs, you can find them at all malls and draw funds from foreign debit cards through them. You can also find money-changers in most shopping centers as well as throughout the whole country. You’d be surprised how many are open for 24 hours and offer competitive rates for your Exchange. Little India, in particular, is a good place for changing your money when needed.

All major credit cards are accepted at most shops except some local vendors, many taxi companies, and some food courts. At some shops, you may be charged an additional two or 3% fee for using a foreign card.

What’s cellular and Wi-Fi service like in Singapore?

A reliable GSM network covers the entirety of Singapore for mobile phones. Get global roaming activated on your GSM-enabled smartphone and you can connect to any local service networks, but be sure to check for roaming charges beforehand. You can also purchase SIM cards in Singapore from post offices, telecom shops, and 7-Eleven convenience stores, but be sure to take your passport with you, as you will be required to show it to purchase.

As far as Wi-fi networking goes, most hotels and hostels offer internet, in many cases for free. The island has an extensive broadband network with tons of hotspots throughout the country.

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