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15 Feb

How to Get a Visa for Equatorial Guinea in Houston

If you are  US citizen traveling to Equatorial Guinea, you will need a visa for entry. Our Houston location can process your paperwork and expedite the process.

This is a country that requires a visa for entry for either tourism or travelers on business. Interesting enough, this sovereign African state is the only one on the continent that recognizes Spanish as an official state language.

The maximum stay for a visa is 90 days and the embassy will not issue one upon arrival.

This country will require yellow fever vaccinations for entry. Your doctor can provide the necessary proof after you obtain your vaccination. Hepatitis A vaccinations are not required but often suggested as it can be contracted through contaminated water or foods. Polio vaccinations are currently recommended for up to one year before travel. You can see the latest travel warnings and recommendations for Equatorial Guinea, check with the U.S. Department of State’s page on the country.

To get started on your obtaining your Equatorial Guinea travel visa, just click here.

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