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26 Apr

Turkish Cuisine: 5 Mouthwatering Istanbul Delights

Turkish food is renowned as being among the most varied and flavorful around. On your next trip to Istanbul, make sure to try some of these 5 excellent dishes if you haven’t already!


The easiest way to describe kumpir would be “the most loaded baked potato you’ve ever seen.” After a baked potato has been sliced in half, it’s filled with butter and cheese and topped with an incredible array of delicious toppings, including olives, pickles, cheese, corn, meat, and more. If you can think of it, it can probably be found as a kumpir topping.


Simit is something akin to a bagel or pretzel. This chewy, delicious bread is usually shaped into rings and covered in sesame seeds. You can find a simit cart on almost any street corner in Istanbul because of this snack’s massive popularity.


These meatballs, often made from lamb and/or beef, are usually served with grilled peppers, bread or rice, and a spicy sauce that elevates the flavors of the meats and vegetables. Köfte is so popular that you can find it in pretty much any Turkish restaurant.


Döner is arguably the food Turkey–and Istanbul–is most known for. Meat is prepared on giant vertical rotisseries and shaved off to arrange different dishes, whether kebabs or sandwiches. This meat is deliciously seasoned and is a perfect quick lunch option.

Iskender Kebab

This kebab is made with döner and laid over a helping of bread, tomatoes, and peppers. On top, you’ll usually find fresh yogurt and melted butter. If you love döner, you will absolutely adore this kebab dish.

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