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06 Oct

US Citizens Can Visit South Korea During The Pandemic

Americans can go to South Korea, but a mandatory two-week quarantine will make it undesirable for most folks.

Unless you have a long-term visa, you will have to quarantine at a location overseen by the government.

Most international arrivals to South Korea can expect the following on arrival. (This information was accurate as of August.)

  • You will go through the quarantine stands, where staff members from the Ministry of Health and Welfare check your body temperature and ask if you have any COVID related symptoms and medications that you may have consumed. At this point, they will also check if you have downloaded relevant apps for the 14-day quarantine depending on the staff member.
  • Assuming that you are considered non-symptomatic, you proceed to stands (depending on your legal status in Korea) where a soldier of the Korean Army will check for your self-quarantine eligibility. For most foreigners without a specific visa, you will get documentation for the mandatory 14-day government quarantine; if you disagree with any portions of the government quarantine, you may be asked to leave the country. App status may be checked again in this stage.
  • Travelers undergoing government quarantine may be asked to group together afterward to prevent anyone defecting, overseen by either a public health official or a police officer who will escort through the following steps.
  • You will go through passport checks and submit relevant immigration forms, just as you would have done before the pandemic. Afterward, you pick up your luggage and go through customs.
  • After exiting to the main lobby, police officers (if they haven’t already) may separate those who are self-quarantining and are going to a government facility. At this time, the National Fire Agency provides buses for those undergoing government quarantine.
  • Upon arrival at the government-run facility, public health officials and soldiers in the Korean Army will go through a “check-in” process with you. At this point, you will pay 2.1 million KRW (roughly $1,760, depending on the prevailing currency exchange rate) per person. All meals and coronavirus testing conducted during this time will be covered with this payment.

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