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20 Oct

Want to Know How to Get an Australia Visa? Here’s How

Australia is at a level 3 “Reconsider Travel” advisory. Although you can still travel to Australia, it requires a visa. Below are the steps to obtaining an e-visa to Australia.

NOTES FOR E-Visa to Australia:
The Australia visa for US citizens is an electronic visa.
We provide 24hr service for USA Citizens.

For Tourist visas, please fill out the e-Visa form

Please email us at to get the ETA process started for Business visas.

What you’ll need to provide us with:
Please email us at with the following:
Texas Tower order form
A scanned copy of your passport information page.

  • The total fee for a 1-year multi-entry Tourist visa is $95.00 plus Consulate Fee
  • The total fee for a 1-year multi-entry Business visa is $125.00 plus Consulate FeeMany Non-USA passports must apply for a traditional visa. Please allow not less than 4 weeks to process as this embassy requires substantial processing time. Expedited service is not available.

    If you’re interested in getting an Australia visa or other travel documents, contact us at or call us at 713-874-1420.

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