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22 Sep

Want to Travel to Tanzania? Here’s What You Need to Know

Tanzania is now accepting tourists under pre-COVID rules, with no quarantine conditions attached.  The government is asking passengers to complete a Health Surveillance Form upon arrival, and all arriving travelers are “subjected to an intensive screening and where necessary COVID-19 rapid testing. Mask wearing and social distancing are also still in place for anyone planning a visit. Readers have confirmed that they have had no issues flying into the country.

Tanzania has received a lot of criticism on how it has handled the coronavirus pandemic. The government hasn’t actively revealed data about infection rates or death. The president says that releasing the data was “causing panic.”

Travelers should note that Tanzania’s reported coronavirus cases are comparatively low, but experts say the toll is probably much higher.

Both a visa and a passport is required for entry to Tanzania. Our team can assist you in getting your visa and passport at any time, if you require help, please contact us at or call us at 713-874-1420

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