15 Aug

What is a Passport Card?

Do you have a passport card?

After the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiate was implemented, passport cards were designed to make it more convenient for travelers who cross the border frequently or any traveler that wants a compact way to take along their passport.

A passport card is a small wallet-sized identification card that verifies your status as a legal, U.S. citizen. It is an alternative i.d. to a traditional passport book.

Passport cards are valid for land and sea travel to and from Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. It may not be used for air travel into or outside the United States, a traditional U.S. passport is required.

When traveling, border officials can scan the card and access the card holder’s biographical information via an electronic chip embedded in the card. The chip in the card does not contain your personal information, it allows border officials to access the information about the cardholder stored in a secure government database.

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