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27 Sep

Why Should You Get a Passport Card?

Are you aware that if you’re eligible for a U.S. passport, you can save money and get a passport card?

Passport cardA passport card costs less than a conventional passport, starting at $55 for the first card which is valid for use for ten years. Passport cards for children run around $40 and are valid for five years. Compared to the standard $135 for a traditional passport, that is a great deal!

The portability because of its wallet-size design, make the passport card practical to carry around with you. They work equally well for people who travel frequently, as well as people who don’t because of their convenient storage size and long validity making them ideal for land border crossings into Mexico, Canada, or for cruises.

The only disadvantage to a passport card is that you cannot use it for air travel. With that in mind, consider the places you could go with passport card and start planning your trip today.
If you wish to expedite the process for yourself or a family member, talk to us at 713-874-1420.

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