17 Jun

Travel With Babies and Kids Weekly Wrap Up

If you’ve done it, you know traveling with kids can be a real character builder. Babies don’t really care that you’re in first class or coach if the baby...

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15 Jun

Passport Renewal Warning : Lines are Long, Here’s How to Get Around That

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative was implemented in 2007, so its 10th birthday is fast approaching. If you were among the many millions of people that got a passport, it’s...

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14 Jun

Ghana Tourism: FDA Approves Vaccine to Protect Travelers from Cholera

The FDA approved the vaccine, Vaxchora, for the prevention of cholera. The vaccine may be used by adults from 18 to 64 years of age traveling to areas with...

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13 Jun

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Passport Right Now

Remember when the  Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative was launched in 2007? Prior to that, United States citizens didn’t need a passport to visit Canada or Mexico, since then –...

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10 Jun

How to Outsource Your Company Travel and Save a Ton of Time and Money

No matter if you have a fresh new startup or you have a long time established business, you can benefit from outsourcing your travel. We are based in Houston,...

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09 Jun

Secrets for Passing Your International Driver’s License Driving Test

Just kidding, there’s no driving test. If you want to be in command of your own schedule when you travel, the best way is to get an international driving...

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08 Jun

Questions and Answers About Traveling to Brazil for Rio 2016 Olympics

Beginning June 1st, 2016, Brazil has made it a whole lot easier for U.S. citizens that are planning to attend the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio August 5th through...

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07 Jun

How to be Ridiculously Good-Looking in Your Passport Photo

“I got my new travel mugshot” said my friend when she renewed her passport.  Admittedly, my own passport isn’t fantastic, and also looks like I am angry about something....

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