31 May

Honoring Those Who Serve

Texas Tower will be reopening our regular hours tomorrow, we hope you have a safe and peaceful Memorial Day.

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28 May

How to Get an India Visa With Texas Tower in Houston

India has a complicated system for processing visas. It is currently on a level 4 “do not travel advisory” and is currently not accepting tourism. Texas Tower can help...

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27 May

How to Get A China Visa Through Texas Tower in Houston

China is currently accepting travel from US citizens with valid papers. Texas Tower can help you get a travel visa along with any other necessary documents so you can...

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26 May

How to Get a Brazil Visa With Texas Tower in Houston

If you’re planning to travel to Brazil,  you need to begin the process to obtain a Brazil visa in advance of your departure. Texas Tower can help you obtain...

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25 May

How To Get an Australia E-Visa Through Texas Tower in Houston

Although Australia is currently closed until mid-2022 at the earliest, Texas Tower can help you obtain a travel visa to Australia when the country is reopened. NOTES FOR E-Visa...

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24 May

Even Ramesses the Great Had A Passport

That’s right, even a deceased ancient Egyptian Pharaoh had his own passport. Back in 1976, the long-dead pharaoh was given his own personal passport so that he could be...

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21 May

US Borders To Mexico and Canada Closed For Unnecessary Travel Through June 21st

The Department of Homeland Security announced that the US borders with Mexico and Canada would remain closed for all travel except trade and necessary travel through June 21st. Although...

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20 May

What Countries Are Available To Travel To If You Are Vaccinated?

On Wednesday, the European Union announced that it would be accepting travelers from the United States who are fully vaccinated along with travelers from countries where the pandemic is...

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19 May

Essential Tips For Pandemic Travel

Travel during the pandemic has led to much confusion due to all the varying restrictions and rules from place to place. Wherever you plan to travel, have a negative...

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18 May

Top Hotels for Vaccinated Travelers

As the country begins to reopen, travellers should look into these hotels to get their vacation time going right. Right here in Texas, located in San Antonio, La Cantera...

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