28 May

Renew Your US Passport in Houston in 5 Easy Steps

Very soon the US passport office will reopen for processing requests. Feel free to call us with any questions before you apply for a renewal. There are many reasons...

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26 May

How International Travel Might Change Post Covid-19

Hong Kong International Airport is testing out complete full-body sanitizing booths that spritz sanitizer on you for 40 seconds, avoiding the face of course. The Airport Authority Hong Kong...

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21 May

How to Get Your Visa for Travel to Taiwan Post-COVID-19

International travel is not open yet, however these tips are useful for preparing for the near future when international travel is once again open. Taiwan is a popular destination...

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19 May

How to Update the Name on Your Passport

The US passport office is currently closed due to the COVID-19 quarantine, however someone that must change their name on their passport can prepare their documents and then send...

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14 May

Questions and Answers About Children’s US Passports

Do babies require passports? Simple answer, yes. All U.S. citizens, regardless of age, require a passport to travel internationally. What occurs at a passport appointment? Once all forms have...

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12 May

5 Cool Passport Facts

Italy One intriguing thing is that citizens of the Vatican state in Italy, which is the smallest country in the entire world, have their own unique passports! Interestingly enough...

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08 May

Travel After Quarantine: How to Get Your China Business Visa Fast

With travel paused during the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is a good time to plan out your future travel plans. Need to expedite your visa for a business trip to...

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05 May

When Will We be Able to Travel Internationally Again?

Some people are wondering when they will be able to travel internationally again. The U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin announced on Monday that it is currently “too hard to tell...

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04 May

Post-Quarantine Travel Plans: Visiting Ghana

Ghana is one of the top visas we process and once the travel restrictions get lifted, it most likely will be again. Here is a step by step infographic...

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