26 Sep

How to Get Your Birth Certificate Copy From Any State

You need a certified copy of your birth certificate for so many things. You will need one to obtain or renew your passport. You will need one for your...

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19 Sep

When You Need a Copy of Your Birth Certificate

If you’re reading this, it was one of your first forms of identification. Unfortunately, birth certificates get lost, damaged, and there just comes a time when you need it,...

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18 Sep

U.S. Citizens Traveling to Kyrgyz Republic Do Not Need Travel Visas If…

There are a lot of reasons to visit Kyrgyz Republic. United States citizens that are going to the Kyrgyz Republic (also called Kyrgyzstan) as tourists or business travelers do...

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16 Sep

Tips for Honduras Travel

Although United States citizens don’t require a travel visa to visit the Honduras, your citizenship may require one. If so, we can help – contact us today to discuss...

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12 Sep

Travel from London to Tokyo? By Train?

For over 60 years, a railway for travelers extending from London to Tokyo has been dreamed of. After WWII, there were too many animosities between countries. In 2013, the plan...

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07 Sep

Tourist Travel to Mexico Takes a Dive After State Department Issues Travel Warning

There was a gun fight in a club in Playa Del Carmen and numerous reports of drugged drinks. There has also been an increase in homicide rates in two...

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06 Sep

Hurricane Irma Now Category 5 Makes Landfall in the Caribbean

We are in Houston and are still drying up after Harvey. Keeping an eye on Hurricane Irma. According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Irma made landfall with the...

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05 Sep

And the Most Beautiful Country is….

Every year RoughGuide has a vote for the most beautiful country to visit. This year’s winner is ….Scotland! If you haven’t had a chance to explore this beautiful country...

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04 Sep

How Not to Go to Jail in Cuba and Can U.S Citizens Still Travel There?

There is a proposed travel ban for Cuba, while it wouldn’t shut off the ability to visit – it does change some of the permissible reasons for visiting Cuba. If...

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