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09 Nov

Bangladesh: Lush Waterways and Rich Culture

Bangladesh is marked by lush greenery and many waterways. Its geography is dominated by the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta, leading to a landscape crisscrossed with rivers and one of the world’s largest mangrove forests, the Sundarbans, which is noted for its sizable Bengal tiger population. The country’s climatic diversity facilitates the growth of a wide array of flora and fauna, providing nature enthusiasts with an exceptional array of wildlife to observe. The nation’s history spans over 4,000 years, with rich contributions to art, architecture, and literature that can be seen in its various ancient temples and historical structures throughout the country. Dhaka, the vibrant capital of Bangladesh, thrives with cultural life and is emblematic of the country’s rapid development and rich heritage. The capital serves as the economic, political, and cultural epicenter of Bangladesh, with landmarks like the 17th-century Lalbagh Fort, the star-shaped Baitul Mukarram National Mosque, and the bustling Sadarghat river port, reflecting the city’s past and present.

Bangladeshi cuisine is a flavorful adventure for the palate, characterized by its use of rice, spices, and an array of lentil dishes. Mustard oil and paste are widely used, giving many dishes a distinctive tangy flavor. The national dish, Hilsa curry, is renowned for its delicate taste and is traditionally eaten with rice. Street food, such as pitha, and sweets like roshogolla and misti doi are treats you can find just about everywhere throughout the country. Each meal is an opportunity to experience Bangladesh’s rich cultural diversity, with influences from Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam evident in its culinary practices.

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