29 Dec

2016 Olympics and Paralympics in Rio

2016 is coming soon and with it comes not only the Olympics, but also the Paralympics. Both events will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Summer Olympics...

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28 Dec

Top 5 Must See Destinations in 2016

Start planning your travel for 2016.  South America will be a prime destination this coming year, and not just because of the Olympics in Brazil.  Here are the top...

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19 Dec

Add Pages to Your Passport Now or You Will Have to Renew

Just a fast reminder, if you need to add pages to your passport, do it now. Beginning in January 2016, if you need pages, you will have to renew...

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16 Dec

You Won’t Believe How This Country Updated Their Passports

United States citizens traveling to Norway don’t need a travel visa, however, they do need a valid passport. Speaking of passports, have you seen the updated version of Norway’s...

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08 Dec

ICYMI: House Approves Legislation Requiring Visas for Anyone Who’s Been to Iraq or Syria in the Previous 5 Years

Earlier today, the House has approved legislation tightening controls on travel to the U.S. and requiring visas for anyone who’s been in Iraq or Syria in the previous five...

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07 Dec

Get Your Yemen Travel Visa Fast and Easy

If traveling to the country of Yemen is in your future and you aren’t looking forward to the visit the consulate here in the states, we can get your...

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24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

Just wanted to take the time to thank all of our clients that have chosen us to get their passports, visa, birth certificates and more. It’s been a pleasure...

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11 Nov

Wednesday #WorldTravel Q&A : Senegal Travel Visa

Traveling to Senegal has special requirements. We can assist you in the acquisition for nearly any country in obtaining your travel visa, however with Senegal, due to the nature of...

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29 Sep

Off the Beaten Travel Path – Experience Indian Street Food

Once you get your passport and visa to India, take in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes.  In this video you will sample Vada Pav, Tandoori Chicken, Omelette, Lassi, and...

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