28 Dec

Travel New Year’s Resolutions to Make for 2018

What are your resolutions for 2018? Everyone makes the one about eating better and exercising. How about some resolutions to make travel easier or plan a new adventure? Here...

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27 Dec

Top 5 Cities for Excellent Food

One of the best things about visiting a city around the globe is sampling the local cuisine. Street food is a great way to dive in to local treats...

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22 Dec

How to Get Your Birth Certificate Fast

Not having your birth certificate when you need it is frustrating. If that’s happening to you or someone you know right now, we are here to help. You can...

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14 Dec

5 things to do in Tanzania

Tanzania is a country we process travel visas for on a regular basis. There are many things to do when you visit, we chose five to review that according...

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13 Dec

5 things to do in Gujarat India

The beautiful State of Gujarat is located on the west side of India. Locals refer to it as the true heart of India. There are many things to see...

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08 Dec

How to Order Your US Birth Certificate Online

There are numerous reasons for needing a certified copy of your birth certificate. School from elementary to college will need them for registration. Applying for a driver’s license, US...

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06 Dec

Top 4 Most Beautiful Beaches in Ghana

Ghana is a beautiful African country that requires both a valid U.S. passport and travel visa to enter. Once you’re there – make a beeline for the beaches! Labadi...

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01 Dec

5 Hot Travel Destinations for 2018

It’s December 1st and it’s time look ahead to 2018. We put together five destinations that are proving to be popular this coming year. Angra dos Reis, Brazil In 2016,...

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30 Oct

Tips for Safe Travel in Mexico

Yes, the U.S. Department of State issued a travel warning for travelers going to Mexico. The warning was issued mainly due to security concerns from organized crime activities in...

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19 Oct

US Travel Continues the Boom

Interesting stats from Richard Dow, President of U.S. Travel Association, a trade organization based out of Washington, D.C. He stated at their trade industry’s annual gathering, the direct spending...

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