25 Aug

How to Get Your Bangladesh Travel Visa Post-Coronavirus

Want to take a trip to Bangladesh? This post can help you accomplish that. While travelling has been under strict rules ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, Bangladesh...

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24 Aug

How to Get Your Nigeria Travel Visa Post-Covid-19

Planning to travel to Nigeria? Up until this week, the ability to get Nigerian visas was unable due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nigeria is one of the few countries...

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21 Aug

There are now 26 Destinations that US Travelers Can Fly To

COVID-19 has made traveling for Americans rough, as many countries leveled restrictions on entrance due to the rising number of cases. However, after months of lockdown, many people are...

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20 Aug

Want To Fly With Your Pet to Portugal? Here’s What You Need To Know

Do you have plans to take a flight with your pet to Portugal? Certain airlines, such as TAP, openly welcome dogs to travel in the hold or the cabin....

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19 Aug

Need To Renew a Passport or Obtain One? COVID-19 Could Keep You Waiting

The State Department has taken notice of the exceedingly long passport waits, blaming it on the fact that passports can only be processed at a safe and secure government...

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18 Aug

Is the US Border Still Closed For Travel to Mexico and Canada?

The governments of the United States, Mexico and Canada have officially agreed to extend the border closure to all unnecessary travel for at least another month until September 21st....

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17 Aug

How to Get Your Immigration or Passport Photos

Contrary to what gets said on the Internet, you can take your own photos for your passport or immigration application. However, there are strict guidelines for approval. If you...

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14 Aug

US Passport Slated to Be Less Powerful (But You Still Need One to Travel)

Many nations are using COVID-19 outbreaks in America as a reason to restrict travel to US citizens. Canada and Mexico are both asking their governments to ensure tighter restrictions...

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13 Aug

When Do US Travelers Need a UK Visa for Entry?

While the world slowly reopens for travel from the United States to other countries, US travelers find themselves still limited as to the destinations they can visit. Normally, travelers...

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12 Aug

Covid-19 Travel Concerns: Apostilles are Available in Our Houston Office

Covid-19 has changed where and when we can travel, however, it is a good idea to have your paperwork ready so when the travel restrictions get lifted, you will...

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